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Game 89 Open Thread -- July 11, 2009

Thompson Lilly
5.07 FIP 3.92 FIP

I guess it's fitting that we're sending up our worst starter against the Cubs' starter most likely to give us fits. It goes w/o saying that the Cards are awful against lefties and Lilly's just a pretty damned good pitcher. He's sporting a career low walk rate this year (1.86/9 IP).Lilly is a distinct fly ball pitcher (50.9% FB%) and Thompson is a distinct ground ball pitcher (55.6% GB%) so I'm hoping for the wind to be blowing out and let's take our chances.

Tony will be tempted to sit Rasmus today against the lefty but there's absolutely no reason why he can't play 3 games in 2 days before getting a few days off. The battle for outfield wretchedness continues between Duncan and Ankiel with Ankiel seeming to take the lead w/ a 2-22 July. He's sporting a .283 OPS this month. Duncan, ever the competitor, is just 1 for his last 20 -- he's had exactly 1 hit since June 28 -- though he does have 6 walks this month and a powerful .319 OPS. All that said, I'd hate to root for Nick Stavinoha to be in the starting lineup b/c, well, he sucks but at least he hits from the right side and Lilly is traditionally a lefty killer. I sure hope that wind is blowing out!