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Cardinals Beat the Cubs overflow thread / A Word from Our Sponsor

As you can probably see over there, and up there, Reebok is sponsoring VEB for the duration of the all-star game. In our capacity as the sponsee, we're delivering this message, which, while advertising, might still be useful to you. Consider this the Harlow-Wilcox-tries-to-sell-Fibber-and-Molly-floor-wax part of our broadcast:

To commemorate the all-star game Reebok will be hiding more than one hundred baseballs in downtown St. Louis. Your mission, should you choose to live in downtown St. Louis and read twitter for Reebok's brief, youth-trending hints, is to find the balls, which can be redeemed for all manners of swag: prizes range from player autographs to custom shoes, running shoes, and Reebok bats and baseball gloves, which could prove especially useful if you are inadvertently voted in as the final NL All Star. The grand prize gets you two baseballs, autographed by Reebok's coterie of NL (Lincecum, Rodriguez, Ibanez, Fielder, Cordero, Pence, Bell) and AL (Papelbon, Morneau, Beckett, Verlander, Nathan, Wakefield) All Stars.

We're not big enough for non-Lincoln-related viral marketing campaigns here in Springfield, so I'm out of the running. If anybody here finds one of the baseballs, I fully expect an explanatory Fanshot. This concludes our Special Advertising Section.