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2009 Draft Open Thread


the game thread's directly above. i won't be here to update the picks &c., but hopefully somebody will do that. elsewhere, Future Redbirds has got a live draft chat going ---- cool stuff, check it out --- and i think (not sure) the red baron will be holding forth at The Rundown.


Hey, y'all. Baron here. The Cards' first pick is Shelby Miller, a high school righty out of Texas. Throws really, really hard. Love love love this pick. The Cards finally leveraged that depth into a high-upside, possible core player. Good stuff.

Here's a report.

The Cards take Robert Stock out of USC with their second round pick. Stock, you may remember, is the kid who left high school at 16 to go to USC, and he's only 19 now. He's more of a pitcher now, with velocity up into the mid 90s. Creative, and interesting, at the very least. In the 3rd round, the Cardinals go with Joe Kelly, and make me look all kinds of prescient after saying they've had a lot of success lately taking a lot of strong-armed college relievers the past few drafts.