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Game 56 Open Thread -- June 6, 2009

Cook Wellemeyer
who cares?, 5.12 FIP who cares?, 4.17 FIP

Cook doesn't strike anybody out (4.06/9 IP) and his walk rate (3.63) is up 78% from last year. He is one of baseball's best in getting ground balls but we shouldn't have any trouble making contact tonight. Wellemeyer's still walking too many hitters (3.90/9 IP) and hasn't gone more than 6 IP since May 7. The other thing is that lefties are just murdering Wellemeyer so far this season (.326/.408/.512) and the Rockies figure to have at least 4, and maybe 5 lefties in their lineup tonight. There could be a lot of offense tonight (if we can get anyone on base!).