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Game 77 Open Thread -- June 28, 2009

Liriano Pineiro
4.75 FIP 2.96 FIP

Yippee! Another lefty to go against our anemic offense! Liriano hasn't been very good so far this season but lefties haven't needed to be very good in order to beat us. Liriano walks a lot (too bad we don't know how to take a walk), strikes out a lot, and gives up more than his share of homers. You think Albert's got two more in him today? As you'd expect, Liriano's been deadly against lefties.

There's really not much to add about Pineiro from what I said the other day except that he's been tremendous at home and just ok on the road. A .575 OPS against is what Joel sports. This could be a 1-0 game.