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Game 76 Open Thread -- June 27, 2009

Slowey Wellemeyer
3.92 FIP 4.84 FIP

I'm tired of writing about Wellemeyer so I'm not going to except to say that, w/ Lohse getting closer to returning, he's pitching for his spot in the rotation every time he takes the mound. Slowey's been tremendous so far this season. His K/9 is over 7 and his BB/9 is under 2 -- not that that matters w/ us since we don't know how to take walks anyway. He does have a 1.28 HR/9 so maybe we can hit some bombs and get Wellemeyer a few runs. Slowey throws fastballs 69% of the time and despite the fact that it averages less than 89 mph, he's 4.6 wRAA w/ it so far this season. The good news is that he's a fly ball righty w/ distinctive platoon splits. Lefties have hit him in his career to an .857 OPS -- more than .150 points higher than righties have so I'd expect to see Ludwick on the bench w/ the 3 lefties in the OF and, probably, Thurston at 3rd.