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Game 72 Open Thread: Cardinals at Mets

Pineiro Hernandez
5-8, 3.76 5-1, 4.18

Livan Hernandez is having his best season since that mid-career renaissance in Washington and Montreal, which was attributed at the time to a change in arm slot. This year his control is a little better than usual and he's found a strikeout per nine he left in his hotel room in Washington.

Speaking of which, Joel's actually rediscovered the strikeout, too, even as his walk stinginess goes on uninterrupted. Since striking out six and walking six in four April starts he's thrown up a May/June K:BB of 33:5; his seasonal ratio of 3.55 K:BB is good for eighth in the NL, behind a bunch of strikeout pitchers and Dan Haren. He deserves better than 5-8.