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Game 52 Open Thread: Reds at Cardinals

Arroyo WonderBrad
7-3, 5.12 0-1, 4.30

As the wags have said, here's the reason he's been on the roster the whole time—it takes about two weeks to get to St. Louis from Memphis, and if they'd called him up the moment they learned he was needed they'd have to start one of the other seven pitchers in the bullpen.

In all seriousness, Thompson threw about one full start's worth of pitches in May—seriously—and allowed just two runs in eight innings, striking out four and walking nobody. Since his brief minor league sabbatical his ostensibly-a-sinker ball has looked a little sinkier, although since he hasn't pitched in two weeks who knows what it looks like now.

Meanwhile, Arroyo has the Russ Ortiz Memorial Wins Crown heading into June despite a vanished strikeout rate and 12 home runs in 10 games. He also looks considerably less excited than Brad, who's making Fred Savage circa The Wonder Years's bemused-face.