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Game 67 Open Thread- 17th June, 2009

Porcello Pineiro
4.84 FIP 3.01 FIP

are having a difficult time scoring runs these days.

For a 20 year old rookie, Porcello's pitching quite well. His K/BB ratio is 1.81. He's keeping his BB/9 below 3 and he has a 56% GB%. Right now more than 75% of the pitches he throws are fastballs. The Cards' hitters should see some curves and a few changeups along the way but they had better be ready to hit the fastball. I'd like to see them finally take a few pitches and get a good fastball to hit, rather than pounding the first one they see straight into the ground, however.

Khalil Greene's back w/ the club. I hope his head's ok. Josh Kinney returns as well. Cult hero P.J. Walters and Nick Stavinoha return to Memphis.

Pujols gets the night off. Ludwick hits 3rd. Duncan plays 1st. He deserves a break once in a while. I hope the crowd treats Porcello well. It's not his fault the team passed in order to take Kozma (who, I think, will turn into a pretty good baseball player, by the way). Let's get us a sweep, dammit!