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Game 56 Open Thread -- June 14, 2009

Carpenter Lee
2.30 FIP 3.07 FIP

Tonight's pitchers have been 2 of the game's best so far this season. Lee's W-L record shows the absurdity of measuring and comparing pitchers by their win-loss records as his 3-6 record belies the fact that his FIP is 12th in the big leagues and 6th in the AL. Carp's FIP would place him behind only Greinke and Lincecum if he had enough innings to qualify.

Carp's gotta be wondering if his teammates really want him to be out there as they're averaging only 3.2 runs per game behind him. "Well, Carp's on the mound. I'll take the night off!" And it gets no easier w/ Cliff Lee on the mound for the Indians. Tony's still pacing Carp as he's yet to throw a 100 pitch outing. His max was in his 2nd to last start against the Reds. Carp was almost human in his last outing, giving up 3 ER in 6 innings. He really needs to pick up the pace!

The Indians' offense hasn't treated Lee much better than our offense has treated Carp as they're only averaging 3.7 runs of support per game. I'd expect to see Lee in the game quite a while tonight, particularly considering our patience at the plate, as he's gone more than 100 pitches 11 times this season. He might pitch 13 or 14 innings against us tonight. He's prone to giving up hits but he walks nearly no one and though batters are hitting .301 against him, he's only given up 5 homers in 378 PAs.