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Game 55 Open Thread -- June 13, 2009

Thompson Ohka
4.08 FIP 5.68 FIP

Well, it's our 13th pitcher against former Cardinal farmhand Tomo Ohka. Ohka's FIP is a full 6 hundredths of a point higher than yesterday's starter, David Huff, who completely shut down our vaunted offense. Of course, Ohka's a righty while Huff's a lefty so we should (hopefully) be able to amass some sort of non-Albert offense against him. Ohka was signed by the Cards in 2007 to become one of Dave Duncan's reclamation projects and threw 3 games at Memphis before we decided that he sucked and released him. In 18.1 innings w/ the Redbirds, he gave up 27 hits and 15 runs.

Ohka's fared a little better w/ the Indians so far...but not much better. This will be his first start for the Indians after 2 Brad Thompson-like relief outings. He doesn't strike anyone out and doesn't walk anyone (not that any Cardinal wants to walk anyway). In short, he's not good. Hopefully, he's just what our offense needs.