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Game 62 Open Thread: June 12 2009



pineiro huff
5-6, 3.97 1-2, 8.71

huff, a supplemental 1st-rounder out of ucla in 2006 (chosen between adam ottavino and chris perez), cruised comfortably through the minors and got called up last month. he's a command-type lefty, ie he survives by hitting the corners and staying ahead in the count. Indians Prospect Insider ranked him as the #5 prospect in the cleveland system this season: their preseason scouting report:

[Huff's] fastball plays up because of his devastating plus changeup. His changeup is his money pitch and a legitimate weapon against lefties and righties. He displays just as much confidence in his changeup as he does his fastball, and is able to throw it in any count or situation. Last year his slider developed into an effective breaking pitch he can use against left-handers. The slider is firm with good depth and is now the third plus pitch in his arsenal and a potential out pitch at the next level. He mixes in a 12-6 curveball which is real sharp and has a lot of depth to it, but is mostly used as a show-me pitch. Huff has a veteran attack plan and is all about command, movement and velocity. While he does not overpower hitters, he has unbelievable confidence and a very good feel for his fastball which he commands well to both sides of the plate and to the corners on all four quadrants. He is aggressive and attacks hitters, and he has a great, athletic delivery which deceives hitters and he repeats very well. He is a pitcher you like to watch pitch because he is smart and knows how to pitch by moving the ball around in and out, gets the breaking ball and changeup over and knows how to use them, and he constantly makes adjustments to hitters in game by reading their swings. He also does a good job of being consistent around the zone. He is a very polished, confident mentally tough pitcher who has answered every challenge and has shown the ability to pitch in big games and pitch out of tight situations.

sounds like the type of guy who'll eat the cardinals alive . . . .