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Game 51 Open Thread: Reds at Cardinals

Volquez Wellemeyer
4-2, 4.25 5-4, 5.02

Wellemeyer's FIP is actually lower two tenths of a run lower today than it was at the end of last season. Cutting your home run rate in half—it's probably more apt to say "having your home run rate cut in half", because I'm not sure there's any way of tracing this back to the way Wellemeyer's been pitching—makes up for a lot of ills, up to and including losing a strikeout and adding a walk for every nine innings you pitch.

In the two starts since he walked seven against the Brewers he's struck out eight and walked four in 11 1/3 innings, good for 6.3 K/9 and 3.2 BB/9, which is much closer to the Wellemeyer of 2008. And he only went five innings in one otherwise-effective outing, which is much closer to the Wellemeyer of 2007. Hopefully he puts the right pieces together tonight.