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Shane! Shane! Come back!

I didn't see Wellemeyer pitch, because the game started and ended while I was otherwise occupied, but all of a sudden his ERA is within 4.75—well within the lower bound of acceptable performance for our erstwhile flamethrower. Now, after his two May starts, his heretofore way-too-good peripherals have started to look more worrisome as his enormous pile of hits allowed deflates—DIPS may be a great idea at the end of the season, but in the early going it's a little exhausting to follow.

We're still at the point where he might have a good or bad day in any one of the Three True Outcomes and leave the resulting stats so skewered that the Wellemeyer Narrative changes completely.


So, Shane Robinson—this is two years in a row that he's gotten off to a high-average start, and he's been rewarded, now, with his very own Baseball Reference page, which is a big deal. 

But I agree with Future Redbirds, except inasmuch that I think their comparison to Jarrett Hoffpauir is a little unfair to Hoff, who's walked 253 times and struck out just 197 in his minor league career. Robinson is useful now—he'll play centerfield, he'll give La Russa a pinch bat and glove to use until Ankiel gets back—but right now he's an uncertain fit as even a long-term fifth outfielder.

It takes a lot to hit like Shane Robinson does at AA and AAA in the major leagues—just look at Brian Barton's minor league numbers. If you hit like a fourth outfielder in the minor leagues, you probably can't hit like a fourth outfielder in the bigs. But I'm glad to see a new MLB player get his wings, of course, and there are exceptions to rules like that. So let's see if he can have that BABIP surge in the majors, too. 


There's more to talk about, but I'd like to get this up before noon. This one always gets me—Cardinals game at 6:00, even though the fact that Cincinnati is in Eastern Standard Time will never stick in my head.