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Tuesday Morning Thread

Never have I been less disappointed at having to miss a Cardinals game. The implicit hierarchy of sports fandom reared its ugly head again—on one headline, Chris Carpenter feeling better; on another, Rick Ankiel injured in Cardinals game. I can't be sure about this, but something seemed different in the headline—I feel like typically you injure things in a baseball headline; when you're injured, it's different.

In any case, I'm glad to see that news, right now, is receding back into the injured x category. Pretty soon we can go back to accepting, as a group, that baseball is the most important thing that can happen on a baseball field. 

Anyway, I've got one more night of Anthropology-related sabbatical to spring on you; I'll try to do some news and notes for the game thread. Heal up that arm, Carp; heal up, Rick. 

While I'm here, this guy—resembles Ryan Ludwick, or does not resemble Ryan Ludwick? See also the guy in this Jimmy John's ad. (But then, if he does, you already know the one I'm talking about.)