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Game 49 Open Thread -- May 30, 2009

Carpenter Zito
2-0, 0.00 1-5, 4.02

That's a whole lotta money out there on the mound tonight -- a combined 11 years and $189.5 M. I think it's safe to say that, even if Carp never throws another pitch w/ the birds on the bat, we're still happier w/ his contract than the Giants have to be w/ Zito's.

So far this season, Carp has thrown 23 innings and given up just 14 baserunners and 1 unearned run. He's a long way from Hershiser's record, but he's had a terrific start, nonetheless. His FIP right now is 1.67. Zito's is 4.83. He does, however, have the advantage of throwing from the left side and the Cards are batting a robust .226/.320/.361 (a .681 OPS! Yikes!) against lefties. I'd expect a low scoring game!