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Game 32 Open Thread -- May 10, 2009

Wainwright Volquez
3-1, 4.08 4-2, 3.47

The Cards are really scuffling right now at the plate. Just looking at the team's splits, in April the offense had slash stats of .285/.369/.450 and was averaging 5.78 runs/game. In May, the offense is batting .232/.282/.430 and is averaging 3.88 runs/game. In fact, the slump started a few days before April ended. Since being clubbed by the Cubs on April 26, the team is batting .228/.297/.383 and is averaging just 4 runs per game. The "leading" culprits are Skip (wOBA in May of .302), Duncan (.298), Rasmus (.292), Thurston (.285), Ankiel (.165), and Barden -- who has yet to reach base in 11 PAs in May.

The offensive problems for the Cards aren't simply limited to April and May, however. There are also some pretty sizable home/road splits. At home, the Cards have been Ryan Ludwick -- .295/.372/.474. On the road, we've been Juan Encarnacion (.245/.320/.412). That's more than 110 point difference in OPS and doesn't bode well for a road game in May against a tough pitcher. Fortunately, we've yet to be swept in a 3 game series (we did lose both to the Phils last week) and we ought to be able to get 1 out of 3 against the Reds on the road. Wainwright's going to have to be the Wainwright of 2007-8, however, and not the Wainwright of the 1st 6 games of 2009.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!