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Game 24 Open Thread: May 1, 2009

Welley_medium Zimmerman_medium
wellemeyer zimmerman
1-2, 6.14 2-0, 2.38

there have been 9 players named "zimmerman" in major league history; the 2009 nationals have two of them. the guy pitching tonight, jordan zimmerman, is the second "jordan zimmerman" to reach the major leagues; the first one had a 7.88 career era in 8 games for the mariners in 1999.

j zim the 2nd was the 67th player drafted in the 2007 draft, chosen a few players in front of jess todd. quoting an old post from the Mound Talk blog:

Zimmerman boasts a good reportoire of pitches starting with his fastball. A true plus pitch, he works in the 91-93 range consistently. He has good heavy sinking motion on his fastball and will attack hitters on the lower half of the plate with it.

Zimmerman threw a good slider with sharp, late bite to it in college but has stopped throwing it as much at the instruction of the Washington Nationals.

Lagging behind these pitches are his changeup and curveball. His curve is becoming a bigger part of his aresenal with the diminishing use of the slider. He throws a big 12-6 curve that sits in the low 70s.

Everything about Jordan Zimmerman looks good. He is a big, college pitcher with lots of projection. He is polished and has great makeup. Even for a college pitcher, his polish and makeup is advanced. For this reason, he should be fast-tracked by the Nationals.

he got called up on april 20 and has pitched 2 games, both wins (vs the braves and the mets).