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Game 22 Open Thread -- April 30, 2009

Boggs Cabrera
1-0, 1.17 0-2, 4.42

Boggs threw a nice game in his first start Saturday against the Cubs. His problem last year was an inability to throw strikes but so far this year he's throwing strikes about 61% of the time. He even had 11 swinging strikes against the Cubbies last Saturday.

Cabrera's a guy whose star has really fallen. He's always been a guy that scouts loved b/c he had great stuff and about 3 years ago everyone expected him to be one of the best young starters in the AL. Then, this offseason, the O's released him and he signed w/ the Nationals. His problem so far has been throwing strikes -- 12 BB to just 7 Ks -- and he was shellacked in his last outing against the Mets. He has only yielded 1 HR in 18.1 IP so far this season. Hopefully, he's not due. It's nice to get to a good start by winning a series opener.