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Cardinals v. Redbirds

Here's your game thread—Gameday over here

I went to the Memphis site hoping to learn who the starter was, but it looks like the MiLB web sites aren't quite up and running yet. What I found instead was... well, it was something else entirely. 

This just in—Minor League teams are goofy

Memphis, Tenn. - The Memphis Redbirds mascot Rockey the Rockin' Redbird continues his holdout of Redbirds Camp [...]

"I think this is a classic case of Rockey being Rockey," President of Baseball Operations/GM Dave Chase said. "Rockey is already one of the best fed birds in all of baseball and has one of the nicest nests in all of Memphis."

Even with rumors swirling that Rockey could leave for the University of Kentucky as part of a package deal with former University of Memphis basketball coach John Calipari the Redbirds are hopeful that the two parties can reach an agreement before Friday night's 7:05 game against the Cardinals.

"We are very optimistic at this point that a deal will get done," Chase said. "We want Rockey to be our mascot forever. AutoZone Park and the Redbirds just wouldn't be the same without him, besides a red bird wouldn't really work in the Bluegrass State anyway."

In a press conference held at Busch Stadium this afternoon, Fredbird responded to the news by eating somebody's cap and then doing the neutron dance.