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Game 19 Open Thread -- April 26, 2009

Harden Wellemeyer
1-1, 4.20 1-1, 5.29

Wellemeyer’s been the bizarre-Pineiro so far this season – sandwiching 1 good start between 2 pretty bad starts. He had 9 swinging strikes in his 2nd start but only 6 combined in his first and third. It also probably helped that the D-backs swing at damned near everything. The good news is that he’s yet (knock on wood) to allow his first homer. Throw strikes, keep the ball down, and hopefully we’ll be ok.

Harden has walked 8 and struck out 26 in 15 innings. He’s also given up 1 HR in each start, going for the title of the only three-true-outcomes pitcher in the majors. Because of high pitch counts, he’s yet to get an out in the 7th inning so far this season. Hopefully we’ll be able to work counts (Rasmus absolutely should be in there) and make him extend himself and then we can get into that bullpen in the 5th or 6th.

Going for the sweep

Harden versus Wellemeyer

Cards need to work counts