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Game 18 Open Thread -- April 25, 2009

Marshall Boggs
0-0, 4.50 0-0, 4.50

The Cards got to Marshall for 9 base runners and 3 runs in 5 innings before getting 4 more on the Cubs pen in an 8-3 win last Thursday. I’m excited about seeing what Boggs has got this year. He was pretty awful last year, w/ 22 BBs and 13 Ks in 34 IP. It won’t hurt that A-Ram won’t be in today’s lineup. It was a tough night for the Cubs last night – losing both Ramirez and Marmol to injury. I’ve seen no word on how long the two will be out but if you take the best hitter and best reliever out of any team’s lineup and they’ll be hurting. And now for today’s haiku:

Boggs against Marshall.

Let’s help the kid. Get some runs.

Brooms ready Sunday.