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Good Morning

I'm really sorry, everybody—I've been putting in all of the work I shirked through my first three years of college over the course of this current semester, and all the work I shirked throughout this semester in the last two weeks. As a result, I have nothing for you this morning, except a lengthy and ill-formed set of short-answers about anthropology. 

So consider this an open thread. As far as a prompt goes, a question I discussed with somebody a while back: What is a slump? You can imagine who we were talking about when this came up.

Obviously players have slumps, in the empirical sense—they don't hit 1-4 every day when they're .250 hitters, after all. But are they mental, when they aren't physical? Are they random chance? Are they the result of certain skill-sets, such as Ank's bizarre combination of a fastball-slow bat and terrible strike zone control, being predisposed to extended bouts with futility?