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Game 16 Open Thread -- April 23, 2009

L. Hernandez Lohse
1-0, 4.63 2-0, 2.57

So far this season, Livan’s averaging just 2.3 BB/9 and an impressive (for him) 5.4 K/9. He hasn’t had a K/9 this high over a full season since 2005. His walks were down last year but, for his career, he’s averaged more than 3 BB/9. He routinely gives up a lot of hits b/c he can’t get the ball past hitters. We ought to score some runs this afternoon.

Lohse has been impressive so far this season, despite a so-so outing Saturday against the Cubs. If you look at Lohse’s peripheral numbers so far, they look eerily similar to last year’s. His GB% percentage last year was 45.8%. This year it’s 46.8%. His LD% last year was 22.1%. This year it’s 21.0%. Last year his FB% was 32.1%. This year it’s 32.3%. He’s striking out slightly fewer batters but he’s walking fewer as well. I wouldn’t expect him to end the season w/ an ERA below 3.00, but if he can keep it up, there’s no reason to believe he won’t have a successful ’09.

And now, for today’s game day haiku:

Livan’s on the mound

No reason not to score runs

Lohse keeps on rolling