Im sorry the correct answer is....who is Dan Uggla

    Early in the off season i was talking with my brother Ben (Cubs fan) and we were coming up with solutions to some of our teams upcoming problems. Now some of the ideas where complete "dream weaver" concepts, like signing Sabathia or Manny. One of the more logical ideas i mentioned was trading for Dan Uggla and Hanley Ramirez. ok ok, i didnt mean the whole idea was logical...But i don't much have to state my case for Uggla, as he has now been mentioned in "talks". im not sure if it is even in debate amongst Cards fans if this would be a good idea, i think its more of a "could we really pull that off" type thing. I think it could be pulled off if the front office really wanted to do this. Shore up the 2 bag and the #4 slot adding stability to the infield and another power stroke to go along with Pujols, Ludwick(hopefully) and a healthy 150 game Ankiel. Hoping that doing so in a trade, we would have plenty of money left to pick up whatever overrated 6th man in the rotation starter would could find. im over eager for another Joel Piniero to get in here and suck for a lot of money a year.....Honestly i think the front office is going to ride TOO MUCH on some our Mr. Glass players to be healthy and make an impact. But hopefully i am majorly proven wrong and Carp, Rick, Glaus and Chris Duncan enjoy career years. Well, i'd be happy with 25 starts and 145 games a piece personally from that list.  im hoping that Rasmus pans out to be Carlos Beltran in Center and that moving some outfielders to make Uggla a redbird would restore us to National League glory instantainiously. Of course with our Mr. Glass's becoming unbreakable we would be needing a lot less from an overpaid jon garland type. wishfull, wishfull thinking....In a dream last night we traded Ludwick to the Rays for Scott Kazmir???? Then i woke up playing who's on 2nd, who's on 3rd..

What do you guys think of Dan uggla becoming a redbird??? Is it possible??Smart?? Stupid??

And no, your answer doesn't have to be in the form of a question.