the juice

obviously baseball has a blackeye that will seemingly never go away.  virtually everyone involved seems to bear some of the blame.  selig, the owners, gms, managers, and scouts all had a very good idea about what was going on . . . all of them turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the situation.  even players who weren't using (such as the much recently championed mike greenwell who was robbed of the mvp by canseco), could have spoken up and exposed a terrible situation.  they did not.  no one spoke up--at least did not speak up loudly enough until some of the juicers exposed themselves--caminitti, canseco, & so on.  as more information comes to light and names are exposed, people like tejada, petitte, & arod are having to face the music.  that is great--i hope all those names come to light. 

i have a plan for teams to fix this problem.  i realize that bud selig has the spine of a chocolate eclair and will never  step up but individual teams could.  tlr has championed "zero tolerance"  imagine if an owner stipulated that he would not pay or sign any player that was a user . . . and imagine in an owner stepped up and said that any contracts signed with his team would have clauses that stated that a contract would be void if a player used.  since mlb won't do this, is it possible that there is one courageous owner out there--one owner with a spine . . . yeah, doubt it