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Keeping the Seat Warm

I have nothing uniquely insightful to post today so this is more of a holdover until/unless someone else chimes in. 

This World Series has been interminably boring.  I detest 3 hour 30 minute games.  I've watched AJ Burnett with envy for the last few years wondering if the Cardinals regret not being able to seal that signing in 2006.  Last night was certainly a catastrophe for him but he's been a very good pitcher (when able to take the mound).

There's a small part of me that wonders if the Cardinals wouldn't have been better served with Cliff Lee than Matt Holliday.  There's a confirmation bias that is hard to avoid in evaluating that situation and more pitching may not have dispelled the fact that we simply couldn't hit our way out of a paper bag but it seems like a reasonable question especially when looking at 2010.

If the Cardinals can't sign Matt Holliday, would it be prudent to re-sign Joel Pineiro?  I have no idea what kind of money he's going to be offered and the Cardinals already have some significant dollars locked up in their starting rotation.  Also, I'm not sure I've fully recovered from my revulsion of the first Pineiro contract.

Also, Tuesday threads are .gif free threads.  Enjoy!