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Waino, the Cy Young, and Me — a poem by Chris Carpenter

I got this in the mail last night, and I think it's worth a post. I'll turn this over to VEB-er MikeJGolde, the responsible party:

I took apart Carpenter's (awful) article about Wainwright and reconstructed it into something more appropriate.

His work of art follows the jump:

Look at his body of work.
Just start with that.
What Adam Wainwright did this year, he did all year long.
He was consistent through the whole season.
Look at whatever number you want.
That's most important.
I've been able to do that a few times in my career.
But I've also been a guy who hasn't done it.
That's why I know how hard it is to do.
Maybe, for one year you can do it.
But it's a hard thing to do again and again.
That adds pressure.
That can get to young pitchers.
I could see that early on.

For me, I love the competition.
I want the ball.
I want to do my job.
A lot of times, bottom line, that's all I'm thinking.

He does that well.
He wants to be that guy.
He wants to be that pitcher.

He's already proved that.

MikeJGolde, I can't thank you (or Chris Carpenter) enough.