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Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Hey, guys. I'm not sure if anybody is going to put up a main thread today; Dan is (I assume), still off in the Far East somewhere attempting to bring us back some pitching talent, so just in case, I'll toss up this thread for everybody to use. Discuss whatever you like.

News of the moment:

I think the McGwire talk has mostly been pretty well covered, but what about the rest of the coaching staff? Dave Duncan is back after his hissy fit, Jose Oquendo still doesn't seem to be getting much love for other team's managerial jobs. Am I the only one a little nonplussed by the lack of new coaching blood?

Aroldis Chapman looks to be too expensive for the Cards. Not surprised, but it is concerning.

Mike Scioscia is pissed about the postseason schedule. I have to say, I agree. No way in hell this shit should take a month.

I'll see you all tomorrow with a full post.


Oh, and just for JD, a shout-out for his green comment yesterday.