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The Sky Is Falling, David Freese is a Cheap Copout, Offseason Shopping List Chat Thread

Good morning, nation of few and many.

So let's see, anything in the news today? Anything, oh, I don't know, maybe Cardinal related? Doesn't seem like there should be, considering the Cards are out of the playoffs, and the Hot Stove season can't really begin in earnest until after the arbitration deadlines and the like, so I just can't imagine what there might be to talk about this-

Oh, that. Yeah.

Seems Albert Pujols is going under the knife sometime today to have a bit of elbow work done. I guess that's newsworthy.

Hmm. What else? What else what else what else? Oh, yeah. Looks like David Freese is heading into Spring Training 2010 as the favourite to win the third base job. I find this to be an interesting story, to say the least. See, Tony La Russa never seemed all that keen on Freese, certainly not in that let's-hand-this-kid-a-job sort of way, up until just recently. Specifically, Freese playing catcher on the last day of the regular season seems to have won over the old grouch; Tony does love guys who are willing to do absolutely anything to contribute, after all. Of course, this leaves us with an interesting paradox: it appears David Freese may very well have put himself in the lead of the third base derby by not playing third base. Curious.

Of course, the bitching about Freese being the cheaper option is already beginning in some circles. It's fascinating to note how quickly the midseason trades and subsequent payroll boost of 2009 have already fallen out of the general consciousness of your average Post-Dispatch commenter.

Which brings us to the task at hand. I have some spare time, you have a need to be entertained, so let's have us a chat. Haven't done one in a while, so it seems as good a time as any. We should probably try to focus on the team's needs for the offseason, and just what they might do to best fill those needs, but I somehow doubt I, or you, will be able to maintain any kind of real focus. (Just basing on past experience.)

I should be here until about 12:30 or 1:00. Let's chat.

The Baron's Playlist for the 21st of October, 2009

"Buggin'"- The Flaming Lips (at long last, The Soft Bulletin has been reissued on vinyl! Hooray!)

"Barbarella" - Scott Weiland (It's a crime no one knows this song exists.)

"Corvette Bummer" - Beck (From one of the three greatest singles ever released.) 

"Solomon Jones" - Aceyalone

And by the way, who the fuck is Cheryl Cole, and why does she keep showing up in my sidebar news feed?