2010 Payroll , What do we have to spend?

Players 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Pujols $16M $16M($5) FA
Carpenter $14.5M $15M $15M($1M)
Lohse $9,187,500 $12,188,000 $12,188,000 FA
Wainwright $4,837,500 $6,688,000 $9(O) $12M(O)
Molina $4,312,500 $5,313,000 $7M(750K) FA
Franklin $3M $3.5M
Miller, T $2M $2M($1M) FA
Reyes, D $2M FA
Ludwick Arb 2[$5.5] Arb 3 FA
Thompson, B Arb 2[NT] Arb 3 FA
Schumaker Arb 1[$2.5M] Arb 2 Arb 3 FA
Kinney Arb 1[750K] Arb 2 Arb 3 FA
Lugo $400K FA
Thurston $400k Arb 1 Arb 2 Arb 3 FA
McClellan $400K Arb 1 Arb 2 Arb 3 FA
Ryan, B $400K Arb 1 Arb 2 Arb 3 FA
Rasmus $400K $400K Arb 1 Arb 2 Arb 3
Motte $400K $400K Arb 1 Arb 2 Arb 3
Boggs $400K $400K Arb 1 Arb 2 Arb 3
Hawksworth $400K $400k Arb 1 Arb 2 Arb 3
$60,837,500 $47.689 $13.938
w/ Arb $69,587,500
Left Field

4th OFer
Backup C
SP # 4
SP # 5

Players Leaving: Holliday, Glaus, Pineiro, Khalil Greene, DeRosa, Smoltz, Wellemeyer, Ankiel, and LaRue


- If it says $7(750K) the ( ) means options and whatever is inside ie 750K means the team buyout.

- Rasmus and Motte will most likely be Super Two's if they stay on the 25 man roster during most of 2010

- Arbitration normally goes 40%, 60%, and 80% what you would get on the free market.

- Total Payroll currently does not show players receiving Arbitration

- Total Payroll for future years beyond 2010 assume options were decline and buy out added into Total Payroll

- Starting Payroll in 2009 was $88,528,409 but in 2008 it was $99,624,449

- If Players had bonuses they were divided by years of contract. Than added according to each year

- My guesses for Arb: Ludwick $5.5M, Schumaker $2.5M, Thompson Non-Tendered than released, Kinney $750K

Most of the info was gathered at Cot's Contracts. I would appreciate any help in filling in the blank spots of Arbitration. I will update this when ever new info is acquired or we acquire someone.

Current Roster

1B: Pujols

2B: Schumaker

3B: (Third Basemen)

SS: Ryan

LF: (Left Fielder)

CF: Rasmus

RF: Ludwick

C: Molina

Bench: Lugo, Thurston, (Backup Catcher), (4th OFer)

SP1: Carpenter

SP2: Wainwright

SP3: Lohse

SP4: (Fourth Starter)

SP5: (Fifth Starter)

Closer: Franklin

RHP: McClellan

RHP: Motte

RHP: Hawksworth

RHP: Boggs

Longman: Thompson

LOOGY: Miller

LOOGY: Reyes

Just kind of a rough draft to throw out there. I probably have some mistakes and will need to take guesses on the Arbitration of the players. Schumaker could be a difficult one to guess. Not sure if Thompson will even be back on the team myself.