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NLDS Game 3 Open Thread

Vicente Padilla is criminally insane. Everyone in baseball knows it. Milton Bradley has it much more together than this guy. What's a better kept secret is that he has pretty good stuff. That's the reason he's been allowed to stick around in baseball as long as he has. He has a 4.45 FIP this season. His problem has been too many walks. Fortunately, he throws fastballs about 75% of the time. We like hitting fastballs though his is a pretty good one.

Though he's bounced around, he's not really the typical journeyman pitcher. He's got much better stuff and has shut-down ability. It wouldn't surprise me if he came out and threw a gem today. It also wouldn't surprise me if he imploded and went on a rampage either. In any case, today's game could be a tough one, what w/ Pineiro's recent troubles and Padilla's ability. If we get through today, and come back w/ Carp tomorrow, I like our chances.