Hot Stove -- 1/9 thru 1/16

We're up over 400 posts on the last one so I thought I'd get a new one started.

Some carry over discussions from the last couple of days:


  • It looks to me from Mo's comments that if he thinks the team needs another starting pitcher than he would go out and get one.  Hmmmmmm...
  • The free agent pitching market just got a little smaller with all the old folks signing yesterday (Hoffman to the Brew Crew, and Smoltz to the Sawx), and one Japanese pitcher also off the market (Uehara to the O's).  The contracts seem fairly reasonable but the only one I would have liked to see with the Cards is Uehara.  Does anyone think this makes Kawakami cheaper?  Or will he still get 3 years at $8M or $9M per season?
  • It also looks like Tony is ready to give Colby a shot in CF at some point next year, and thinks that the team should probably move an outfielder to make room for him.  I wonder which outfielder he feels needs to be moved most.