2009 Cardinals by WAR

 87-88 wins. That is what I got using this fun, user friendly spreadsheet thingy Sky of BTB came up with.

I mostly went off Marcel projections or just my gut for the offense and pitchers ERA, so there may be a tinge of homer in there. But mostly, I tried to stick with the projections. Well, except for plate appearances and innings. Those were more an educated guess. I am admittedly optimistic on the amount of innings the Wagonmaker and Lohse will throw.

For fielding, I gave Yadi 1.1 wins and then mostly looked at Sean Smith's fielding projections for OF and IF. For base running, I docked half a win off of Yadi, Glaus I docked 1/5th of a win. Everyone else I left alone, but it's probably no big diff if I tried to get real technical with it.

You can find the spreadsheet here. I plan on doing more with it throughout the season, but wanted to run it by you VEBers, figuring the wisdom of the crowds may help.

I was thinking more like 85 wins, so the results surprised me. If it's true that they are in the 88 win range, they should be aggressive buyers when it comes to SP, as Chuck was saying this morning. I would hope around 90 wins could at least win the wild card. I need to run the projections on the Cubs, Phillies and Mets at some point.