Enough with the lying already...

I have got to say that I have had it up to my freaking eyebrows with DeWitt and the organization as a whole. I couldn't even get to the end of the article in the post today because it made me so freaking mad.

After promising an "aggressive" Off-season, Mo has thrown in the towel and sounds like he is finished. Our aggressive off-season was highlighted by acquiring a SS who has a career OBP of .304. There is also the lefty who might very well have a torn shoulder and don't forget our recent signing of Royce Ring who posed a robust ERA of 8.46 last year.

In the past weeks Mo has sited the pay raises for Ludwick, Ankiel, Welly, Duncan, and Thompson as reasons that we have not been more aggressive while DeWitt has gone so far to say that the constant criticism that he receives is unfair. DeWitt is just being a greedy ass. This is not the first time he has promised an aggressive off-season and its not the first off-season where we have all been disappointed. Oh, but we have to remember that DeWitt had to privately finance the new stadium. Boo freaking hoo DeWitt. I can't even imagine how much money you made by selling a pair of old Busch seats for $500 a pop let alone everything else that was auctioned off (urinals included). Then there is the fact that fans like me have continued to fill your costly new stadium (which by the way Bill... is making you a HELL of a lot more more per game with all your fancy suites) to the tune of 3.5 million every year as DeWitt raised prices WHILE KEEPING PAYROLL STATIC! So in a failing economy we are asked to continue to support our beloved Cardinals while DeWitt sucks every last penny he can out of this once proud franchise.

Oh sure we kicked the tires on Peavy, nearly acquired Holliday... but in the end... I wonder if both of those were just for show so at the end of the day at least Mo could say that we tried really really hard. I have been a loyal Cardinals fan for over 20 years and have been a regular at Busch over that span. But I can tell you one thing... that if I see another 4th place team this year followed by more lies, high ticket prices, and more "low hanging fruit" DeWallet is going to loose my season ticket revenue.