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Community Projections -- Khalil Greene

Community projections are back, baby! I know this is one of everyone’s favorite topics during the doldrums that our baseball-less winters have become so I thought we’d start w/ our newest acquisition – Khalil Greene. For those of you who are new here, every offseason we project several of the Cards’ players to see how well we all think they’ll perform this year and then, either tomorrow or for Thursday, I’ll tally it up and compare them to the other projections.

There are a couple of caveats: first, post your results in comma-delimited fashion – AB,H,HR,RBI,AVG,OBP,SLG. Please put no spaces between the categories. Hypothetical response (not my personal projection) – 466,116,16,64,.248,.304,.427

The other caveat is that you cannot cheat – everyone’s being held to the honor system here and Kenny Rogers isn’t allowed to compete. Don’t look at what the other projection systems have to say about Greene in ’09 before you make your own projection. You can, and should, look at what Greene’s done in the past to help you. Greene’s b-r page can be found here. Good luck, and let’s have fun with this.

In other news…and this doesn’t really qualify as news but Bill DeWitt’s being called cheap by some Cards’ fans b/c the team didn’t fork over the money the fans thought Brian Fuentes deserved – thus allowing him to sign w/ the Angels. Whatever…

However, the same article does seem to hint at La Russa’s frustration w/ the fact that the team hasn’t yet acquired Matt Holliday and Brian Fuentes saying "maybe we’re not done." (link below) And clearly he’s just as hurt as Miles was by their divorce.

"We took a big hit with Miles," La Russa said. "I never had a teammate any better than Aaron Miles, in all of the years I've managed. This guy deserves every bit of credit, recognition, respect for his three years with us that you could give him. This guy was really good for us. It was paining for him to leave us, and he left, and that's a tough loss."
Aaron will be ok, Tony. He just got $5 M. Maybe he’ll invite you out to the new ranch.

Two things jump out to me when reading Bernie’s column:

  1. A lot of the "Tony hates young guys" stuff is overblown. There’s a ring of truth in it, IMO, but he’s quoted in the column saying that he wants them (Motte and Perez) to "learn" and "grow, without having the stress of it being all up to them to get that last out, and nothing to protect them." He continues, saying "if you really want to get serious about getting the most out of them for their career, you want to protect those guys this year while they're learning their trade." Now, I don’t happen to agree that these young guys will suffer irreparable harm by having them pitch in the 8th and 9th innings rather than the 6th and 7th or 7th and 8th, but I don’t believe that "Tony hates young players" either.
  2. The other thing that strikes me about Tony’s disenchantment is that those of us who were concerned that Tony, rather than Mo, was steering the ship need not be. If Tony was steering the ship, Fuentes would have been guaranteed a 3rd year and Miles would’ve gotten a 2 year, $5 M contract to stay in St. Louis. It’s quite possible that Rasmus would’ve been traded in a deal for Matt Holliday as well. By and large, Mo’s done a good job. The team’s getting younger and, I think, better (provided we can find any damned pitching) and there has been, and will continue to be, a legitimate commitment to playing the young guys. Good for him.

    Let’s hear it on Khalil Greene and I’ll have the results together either tomorrow or when I reappear (on the front page, anyway….My vacation is over.) Thursday.