Call to Mo: The Official "Sign Ben Sheets" Petition

Time for an experiment.

Let me preface by saying that I'm aware this isn't a typical FanPost and doesn't really follow the typical FanPost guidelines. But with that said, I hope you all can see past that and participate in this project. Also, please do know that I do not intend this to become a habit and will probably never make a post like this again, but what can I say? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Over the past few months, a pretty wide sentiment has built up over VEB. We would really like Ben Sheets. Of course, there are some who do not want him, and that's totally understandable. But for those of you who do want him on our team, like me, this is the post for you.

Let's try to reach Mo. We know that some of the Cardinals front office reads this blog and that Mo somehow came across the mock-diary of him, so getting his attention isn't entirely impossible. But we can't expect him and his coworkers to the scour the rumor threads. Something like this will hopefully stand out to them. 

This is why I'm proposing that we start a petition, but in order for this to work, it's going to need to be a little different than the typical thread. What if every member of VEB who would like us to sign Ben Sheets made ONE post on this thread? Just one. Nothing carried away and no long discussion. But if we each were to make a post with a simple explanation for why we would want him and what kind of deal we would like (or no explanation at all if you'd rather leave it blank with a subject), it might send a pretty powerful message.

Again, I really don't want this to become common practice, and I'm not trying to start something that will get annoying to moderate over the years, but there seems to be generally wide positive sentiment for Ben Sheets on VEB and its not like we've been begging for people all off-season. Why not channel this want for a genuine shot at being right up there with the Cubs into something and get our voices heard? Who knows? Maybe if we have enough well-constructed thoughts in one hearty FanPost, then Mo will take notice.

(update) For those interested in the most recent roster matrix, it can be found here. Signing Sheets would likely be our last signing of the offseason, but that wouldn't matter . . . because we'd have Sheets.

EXCITING NEWS: Jerry Crasnick mentioned us on his ESPN Blog: "" Even if he doesn't read this, maybe Mo reads ESPN?