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Community Projection: X-Wick

There's not a lot going on—at least, I can't find a lot going on. So I figured we'd try round two of that Hallowed VEB Tradition, community projections. Last time out we pegged Khalil Greene at .263/.316/.449, which sounds plausible to me. This time we take a look at Ryan Ludwick, who started the year worrying about losing his roster spot to Juan "It would be excellent if Done and Gone rhymed" Gonzalez and ended it by slugging .591 and, just as unexpectedly, almost batting .300. 

Thudwick, Dudwick, Uninspiring-but-adequate-wick—it's up to you to decide. As ever, post your results in comma-delimited format, for easy spreadsheet assimilation, set up as follows: AB,H,HR,RBI,AVG,OBP,SLG. (No spaces!) A properly formatted entry, stolen directly from Chuck's Khalil Greene writeup, would look like this: 466,116,16,64,.248,.304,.427. Remember to make sure your projected batting average squares up with your projected hits and at-bats. In case you have something against his Baseball Reference page, sponsored by our very own SleepyCA, here's his last three years:

2006 AAA 508 135 28 80 .266 .342 .506
2007 AAA 106 36 8 36 .340 .380 .642
2007 MLB 303 81 14 52 .267 .339 .479
2008 MLB 538 161 37 113 .299 .375 .591

Man, did he ever wreck AAA for that month in Memphis. 


In other news: So dies the beautiful dream—I was hoping the Uehara signing made it more likely that Kenshin Kawakami, my pick for Pineiro Replacer 2k9, would also take a Mozeliak-Approved two-year deal. But you get the impression that if Frank Wren had failed to sign Kawakami, at any price, Braves fans in rent Smoltz jerseys and sackcloth would have set fire to his house.

Three years, and, according to NPB Tracker, a rumored $24 million—it's increasingly obvious that, for pitchers, at least, the Cardinals just aren't going there. I wouldn't be surprised if the Braves blew the doors off with that offer; as the free agent market is moving now, I don't see any other teams prepared to pay $8 million for Kawakami's age-36 season. 

Speaking of which, anybody want in on this contract? I hear he's eager to move to second base.