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Game 141 Open Thread: Sept 5 2008

Nolasco Looper
13-7, 3.65 12-11, 4.27

in his last 16 starts (111.2 innings), nolasco has a k:bb of 115 to 13. he's 8-3 over that stretch with a 2.82 era. this is cy young-caliber stuff. he has the 3d-lowest walk rate in the league this year, the 4th-best WHIP, and the 12-highest strikeout total. the cardinals faced him last month and pounded out 10 hits against him ---- all singles ---- in a 6-4 win.

the brewers face san diego at home ---- cc sabathia against rookie josh geer, making only his 2nd big-league appearance.