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Game 162 Open Thread -- September 28, 2008

Pettyjohn Lohse
0-0, 4.50 15-6, 3.78

The more I think about Carp's injury and the organization's statements about "being aggressive" this offseason, the more I think it's likely Lohse will be back next year. He's had his best season this year, though he's slumped of late, and when I previously protested his being signed it was with the belief that Carp would be able to pitch next year. Since I'm not counting on Carp to give us much next year, signing a free agent pitcher seems to be more of a necessity. I'm still not sure Lohse is the right guy -- he turns 30 in December and will likely receive at least 3 years and $30 M -- I'm more open to it than I was two months ago.

Pettyjohn is a lefty who'll be making his first start this year and, in fact, his first since 2001 w/ the Tigers. He hasn't pitched in the big leagues in 7 years. He's bounced around the minors and, ostensibly, hasn't had to go get a real job yet b/c he's lefthanded and has pretty good control. He doesn't strike many out, but he doesn't walk many either. Let's see: a lefty we've never seen and don't have much of a scouting report on who doesn't walk many...I smell trouble.

To hell w/ that. It's game 162. We're at home. Hell, yes, we're going to win. Hope to see lots of traffic here. What the hell else are you going to do ... watch the Rams? Sorry. Cheap shot. Go Cards!