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Cinci @ St.Lou

I only got to catch a little bit of Johnny Mozeliak on 1380 this afternoon but there were a few interesting tidbits that I caught (in between the softball questions Bernie and his co-host were asking):

1) Guess who most often came up in trade requests at the deadline. Rasmus? Nope. Perez? Nope. Izturis? I kid. The name most often mentioned was Jason Motte. Kudos to Mo for not biting on a veteran player that probably wouldn't have been much better than Motte.

2). David Freese got some extended airtime. He'll be playing winter ball and there were some questions about what the organizations were given Glaus and Wallace fast approaching. What I found odd about the conversation is that the club lost a 3rd baseman in the middle there. How about a player that hit .312/.370/.530 last year at A+ and .304/.374/.494 at AA this year? I'm talking about Allen Craig of course. Personally, I think winter ball is something of a showcase for Freese who the Cardinals could move without skipping a beat.

As far as the big league club goes there was some hemming and hawing about injuries and what players may come back next year. Truthfully the only storylines that have any play for me over these last three games are 1) the batting title (Chipper Jones has a sizable but not insurmountable lead) w/ just three games left and 2) the Cardinals HR lead (Ludwick-36 Pujols-35) which Pujols has won ever year he's been on the team.

Three games left. Enjoy them while they last.