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Game 157 Open Thread: Sept 23, 2008

Johnson Lohse
10-9, 3.99 14-6, 3.76

i didn’t quite realize this, but the cards’ team batting average this year (.277 with 6 games to go) is borderline historic. in the last 50 years, only two st. louis teams have topped it: the 2003 and 2004 teams (.279 and .278, respectively). to pull their average to .278, the 2008 club will need to bat about .300 over the last 6 games; to get to .279, they’ll need to hit roughly .318 from here on out. the last st louis team to bat .280 or higher over the course of a full season was the ’54 club, which batted .281. that was the 2008 cardinals’ average entering september; they’re batting just .253 this month. pujols is batting .254., his worst month since april of last year (.250).