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Game 147 Open Thread - St. Louis @ Pittsburgh

A quick convo from the ballpark after the jump.


: Take this you smarmy internet reading buffoons. You thought that Thompson was starting tonight. Haha, I'll show you. Joel, get over here.

Pineiro_joel_medium : Are you kicking me off the team? I haven't thrown since July but I understand that you wanted to keep the bullpen pitchers warmed up. It's ok I understand. [/pulls pay check out of back pocket, holds close to heart]


: Did I give you permission to speak? You're starting tonight. Go get warmed up.

Ph_433581_medium: Wait a second. Wasn't I supposed to start. It's on the official site. You told me the other day that I was going to get a chance to start. [/kicks nearby puppy]


: Look. Too many people were talking about it. They thought they knew what was going on. I'm just doing what any infallible, world class, best there ever was manager would do.

Pineiro_joel_medium : I read that you were going to start me in a comment on some message board today.


: Shit. . . .


[Game Time]

Tonight's starting pitching matchup:

117517_90x135_mediumvs. Maholm_paul_medium

117517_90x135_medium: Heh. Showed them.