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Game 146 Open Thread: Sept 11 2008

Harden Wellemeyer
9-2, 1.99 12-6, 3.74

rich harden's era as a national leaguer is 1.50; he has made 9 starts and allowed 9 earned runs, 11 runs overall. only twice has he allowed more than 1 run in a game since joining the cubs. his k rate is 12.5 per 9 innings. he's held opposing batters to a .163 / .243 / .300 line. what i'm trying to say is, he's pretty good. the ray of hope is that he has pitched into the 7th inning only 4 times. if the cards can scratch out a run or two against him and get a good start from wellemeyer, then maybe they can steal a win late, as they did on tuesday night.