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Game 145 Open Thread: Sept 10 2008

Lilly Looper
13-9, 4.43 12-11, 4.09

brewers won; phillies are losing in the 9th as i type. if the latter result holds, the cardinals can move back into 2nd place in the wild-card chase by winning tonight.

red baron is dealing w/ a connectivity issue this evening, which leaves me to compose the wednesday-night haiku. i fully support this tradition ---- i have the impression the cards are well above .500 on haiku nights. unfortunately, the haiku form has always defeated me; just not enough syllables, dammit. the limerick has always been a more comfortable verse for me, so with apologies i offer the following:

there lives a cub southpaw named lilly
who oft makes the cardinals hit illy
on september the 10
he'll try once again
and the question is: won't he, or will he?

robert frost, eat your heart out.