Jim Edmonds turns on St. Louis

In probably the dumbest business decision of his career, Edmonds disowns St. Louis media and the Cardinals organization after today's game:



No, what he did was this, according to Mike Claiborne of KTRS:

When FSN's Brent Stover and Claiborne (KTRS) approached Edmonds after the game for a quickie on-field interview that has become standard procedure for MLB rights holders, Edmonds blew them off and said:

"I'm (censored) done with St. Louis TV and radio and I'm (censored) done with the Cardinals."

And then he walked into the Cubs dugout. -B



I've got no problem with what Jimmy does as a baseball player on the field.  If he goes 4 for 4 with 4 Grand Slams vs the Cardinals, so what.  That's his job, that is what he is supposed to do.


However, this is different entirely.  A couple Cubs fans asked me a few weeks ago, "Don't you hate Jim Edmonds now that he is a Cub?"  I said, to them, how could I hate Edmonds just because of the team he plays on?


But, if he really did say what Claiborne and Stover say he said, I'm done with Jim 'There is more to life than Baseball' Edmonds.