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Game 137 Open Thread -- August 31, 2008



11-5, 3.87

7-6, 3.94



Wellemeyer had 5 straight outings w/ game scores above 50 before stinking Tuesday evening against the Brewers.  The Astros should be a pretty good matchup for him b/c he's been very good against righties this year (.681 OPS against) and for his career (.727).  It stands to reason -- his best pitches being a good, hard fastball and a good, hard slider.  The Astros' best hitters, save Fat Elvis, all bat from the right side of the plate.  <p>

Wandy is a conundrum.  He's been much better for his career at home than on the road but has only a slight platoon split.  Still, I imagine we'll see Mather and/or Stavinoha in the OF.  He's pitched twice so far this year against the Cards in the Juice Box and given up 0 ER.  But that's misleading.  In his <a href=""> last start </a>, he gave up 5 unearned runs -- all of them in the 7th inning.  We could be looking at a pretty good pitching matchup.  <p>

I'll be at the game, so I won't be patrolling the threads.  I'll get an overflow thread up around 2:45.  Hopefully we'll have lots of good stuff to talk about.