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Game 135 - Cardinals @ Astros 7:05pm CDT

Kyle_lohse_medium Ph_150116_medium

Lohse Wolf

13-6, 3.96 8-11, 4.86

The Cardinals need a sweep plain and simple. There's little time to dither with fewer than 30 games left. Lohse on the road in the second half is a bad combination but this is a deep ballpark with the exception of left field. Wolf was the last gasp of a bizarre season for the Astros where they refuse to face reality. They're farm system is gutted and they may be the worst drafting team in the last 5 years. I don't see how the Astros compete for more than 4th place during the next 5-10 years.

Since I'm having an off-topic kind of day, anybody know why Randy Karraker left 1380? It's now The Bernie Miklasz Show in the afternoon rather than The Roll Home. I never heard the why. . .

Kick back with some Franklins tonight and enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Let's start it out with a win.

Overflow thread at 8:30pm.