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Game 128 Open Thread: August 19 2008

Snell Looper
4-10, 5.91 11-9, 4.07

here's an old clip of bob gibson and denny mcclain jamming (if you could call it that) on "the ed sullivan show" back in 1968. i highly recommend that you watch.

the bucs have gone 6-11 since they traded away jason bay and xavier nady, averaging just under 3 runs a game and posting a team OPS of .652. they have scored 2 runs or fewer in 9 of the 17 games. the cards very much need to sweep the pair.

tonight's pirate starter, ian snell, has already faced the cardinals 4 times this year and has yielded 4 or more runs every time; his era vs st louis is 9.00, his ops against a robust .904. looper has faced the bucs once and got a cheap win --- 5.2 inn, 11 baserunners, 3 runs. he can equal last year's win total with a victory tonight.