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Game 120 Open Thread --- August 10, 2008



0-0, 1.00

12-5, 2.93

I'm not sure what needs to be said.  Carp's making his third start since returning from the DL and, if Wainwright's going to be relegated to the pen and replaced w/ Braden Looper, Carp's going to have to pitch like a #1.  He was pretty salty the last time out and he figures to get better as the season goes along.<p>

Dempster's been tremendous this year -- worthy of his selection to the All-Star game.  He's a free agent this year and is earning big money w/ his performance this year.  He's also been sensational at home this year -- 10-2, 2.77 w/ 66 H and 4 HR in 91 IP.  He has been somewhat vulnerable to the base on balls -- 40 in those 91 IP -- so if we can get some runners on base, maybe we can put a couple crooked numbers on the board.  BTW, he's 2-1 w/ 29 K's and 0 HR in 26 IP since the All-Star break.  There's a good argument to be made that he's passed Zambrano for the top spot in the Cubs rotation.<p>

I'll get a couple overflow threads up so there's plenty of space to discuss the game.  Hopefully, Cards' hitters can unclog the bases the way I'm planning to unclog the site and we can claim a series victory.